Aloha, I'm Evan

I'm proud to represent Coldwell Banker Island Properties, Maui's highest performing brokerage for over 25 years. Everyone who visits or lives on Maui feels a special way about this island. Hawaii is a wonderfully diverse place that is just as inviting as it is beautiful. My Maui journey began 9 years ago when I moved from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I'm passionate about helping clients navigate the ocean of Maui real estate on the way to selling or buying property.

My Maui Journey

A wise man once said "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Moving to Maui was the best decision I ever made and I'm thankful for each and every step along the easy. Since moving to Maui I began a career in direct and digital marketing with a local business that has taught me more than I could have imagined. Being very driven and goal oriented led me to become the general manager of the same marketing business. In a competitive industry managing competitive sales people, I earned my black belt in conflict management and negotiation. The process of buying and selling property is just as competitive and full of potential setbacks. Real estate deals take many routes. Most of these routes have a few challenges and deals can fall through for a number of reasons. When you're selling your home you'll not only want a skilled marketer to attract buyers, but also an agent who takes pride in creating win-win scenarios out of tough situations. Selling a home requires a dynamic approach that includes digital marketing/asset development, direct networking, and market expertise. We bring all of those skills to the table.

"Only From the Heart Can You Touch The Sky" - Rumi

To be great at anything you have to love what you do. My passion for real estate really began with my passion for the Island of Maui and its natural wonder. Every day on Maui holds special experiences for locals and visitors alike.

Love at First Sight

I had never been to Hawaii. Yet, it felt like Maui was where I was supposed to be. I love Jackson Hole and still go back regularly, but 12 months of sunshine is hard to pass up! One off-season I began plotting my escape from the cold. I knew I wanted to live in Hawaii, but I didn't know much about the true differences between islands. For some reason Maui felt like the natural choice. World class beaches, amazing ecological diversity, and a small town vibe seemed like the right fit. I developed a love for scuba after spending seven months in St. Thomas right after I graduated college. Maui appeared to have have the best diving, so that was that, Maui it was. I saved up enough money bartending at the Mangy Moose (Jackson's best apres ski bar) in Teton Village and started making things happen. I'll always remember the moment I stepped off the airplane on Maui for the first time. The usual ocean breeze and plumeria scents were replaced with a strong, heavy fire smell. There had been a really bad fire in the Pali for several days before I landed that had closed the Pali road and smoke was still in the air that day in June. For visitors reading this, the Pali is a cliff area with the main road between West Maui and the rest of Maui. The taxi driver recounted the story and I felt lucky to be able to make it to Lahaina to move into my new place. 1,000 dollars had gotten me one month living in a bedroom of an extremely warm house on Kapunakea with no a/c and zero breeze. Of course there wasn't a bed in the bedroom, but my joy was untouchable, I could make it work, I was on Maui! I unpacked all of my earthly belongings, consisting of two bags, and felt invigorated about my new adventure. I maintain this same enthusiasm into my real estate business. I love helping people on their own Maui journeys wherever they are along the way. Owning property on this island is something to cherish and its a privilege to be a part of the process for so many.

"Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead"- Morihei Uesheba

Where You'll Find Me

As your real estate agent, you'll always have access to me and my team. Any questions, small or large, I'm happy to answer and maintain a dialogue for as long as it takes for us to get you exactly what you're looking for. I'm available seven days a week for my clients because I want to be there for you whenever you need me. In between appointments and office hours, I love to play golf, go fishing, diving, or property scouting. Give me a call or send an email if you are thinking about selling or buying on Maui.

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